BWDK-5000 series dry type transformer’s temperature monitoring and controlling meter simple structure, nice appearance, convenient installation. Users can repair or change temperature controlling meter without interruption of electricity power.
It adopts new-type anti-jamming design, and has strong control ability to the interference brought by common mode and different mode, and is in accord with each index requirement of national electromagnetic compatibility.
Almost all the parts of temperature controlling meter are imported from foreign countries, so as to guarantee reliability of product quality and stability of performance.

The screen adopt LED, which shows temperature of three-phase winding separately, intuitionistic, convenient and practical.

Product functions:
A. the temperature of three-phase winding is measured and showed on the same screen;
B. the temperature controlling meter can automatically examine failures, over temperature, jumper brake and send out alarm signal (the indication light shines and the buzzer rings);
C. the fan has manual control/ automatic control, two statuses to show, output and switch each other, and it has timed starting and stop control function (can set fan’s starting time and operation time);
D. compensation of all channels’ show value number (used to regulate temperature difference to guarantee measuring precision);
E. input (sensor) open circuit, short circuit and failure’s automatic testing display and output;
F. “black casket” function: record the temperature of each winding when the electrical supply is interrupted, as well as the highest temperature in history (used to offer reference to analyse electric power accidents);
G. (require) testing function of environmental temperature or iron core temperature; (give special indication when order goods)
H. (require) with computer connection’s 232/485 communications function; (give special indication when order goods)
I. simulation state testing (used to test whether the temperature controlling meter can work normally).

applicable occasions:
suitable for various large, middle and small dry type transformers as well as transformer substation (U);
can be installed on clamping apparatus and shell of transformer’s body;
the starting electrical current at the time transformer cools fan reaches 16A.

technical index:
technical index:
environmental temperature: -20~55℃
relative temperature ≤90%(25℃)
working electrical source: AC220±V10% compensation range of show value number: 0~±20.0℃
touch point of alarm: 7A/250VAC
sensor: platinum resistance (pt100)ф3
consumption power: 8W
measuring range: 0~±200.0℃
resolving power: 0.1℃
touch point of fan: 16A/250VAC
down-lead resistance: Ro≤100Ω(three-wire connection)
precision: grade 0.5
(5700)external dimension: 160×80mm(width× height)
(5700)hole dimension: (152+1)×(76+1)mm (width× height)
(5800)external dimension: 200×260mm(width× height)
(5800)hole dimension: (230+1)×(180+1)mm (width× height)

Installation step:
1) properly treat embedded holes as well as four stationary holes on the transformer’s body according to installation diagram.
2) Open the door of temperature controlling meter and put the meter into the hole.
3) Fasten the temperature controlling meter with M4 bolts and fixed slices.