Pressure release valve is a kind of pressure protection device, such as transformer, electric capacitor, high-pressure switch, load switch, pressure container and others’ safety device, used to stop protect oil tank and container from distorting or cracking. When the inner part of electric equipment become error, the oil in the tank is boiled away and produces large quantity of gas to enhance inner pressure of tank accurately. This pressure will cause the distortion and even crack of the oil tank if it is not released in time. When the pressure in tank rises to the opening value of pressure release valve, the
valve will be opened within 2mS to fall the pressure in time. While the pressure falls to close value, the pressure release valve will be closed reliably to make oil tank keep positive pressure, to effectively prevent outer air, moisture as well as other impurities entering the tank, and it avoids the shortcoming that after being operated, the parts of safety channel should be replaced when the electricity is cut, so it is more reliable and more precise compared with safety channel.
Valid oil-gush caliber(mm):Φ25、Φ50、Φ80、Φ130
Opening pressure (kpa):15、25、35、55、70、85
valid caliber(mm) Φ8mm Φ12mm Φ16mm Φ18mm Φ25mm
opening pressure(kPa)          
opening pressure
20 25 35    
limited deviation(kPa)     ±5    
closing pressure(kPa) 12 13.5 19    
sealing pressure(kPa) 14 15 21    
valid caliber D0 D1 D2 H0 H1 M dimension of installation pole
Φ8           M14×1 Φ6×80
Φ12           M16×1 Φ6×80
Φ16   48 55 15.5 15.5 M30×2 Φ6×80
Φ18 39 48 55 15.5 18.5 M33×2 Φ6×80
Φ25 39 48 55 15.5 18.5 M33×2 Φ6×80
installation and use:
1、pressure release valve should be installed in the cover of oil tank
2、 there should be flanges that link pressure release valve in oil tank’s valve, the shape is as picture 1, and the dimension is as table 2.
3、 the testing pressure device should be removed before the pressure release valve is put into use, or the valve can not be opened.
4、 make sure that the valve is qualified before leaving factory, and users should not take it down randomly.

Maintain, inspect and repair:
1. make use of each power-cut chance to inspect and repair pressure release valve
1) whether the opening is flexible, if there is block, eliminate it;
2) Clean out eyewinkers in valve;
3) Replace aging, distorted, damaged and invalid sealing rubber washer;
4) Whether the parts are rusted, whether the sealing rubber washer is damaged or invalid;
2. users should operate it properly according to operating instructions, our company carries out “three guarantee” to products within 18 months from the installation date and within 24 months from the day our company sends goods to users.